Maca 250g Natures Way


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Who Should Use Super Maca?

Super Maca is suitable for use by most adults, but may be of particular interest for those seeking:

– increased energy and stress support

– supporting better immunity

– women’s & men’s health, libido and sexual health



Nature’s Way Super Maca traditionally helps to boost energy, endurance and stamina. Maca also enjoys a particular reputation for energy in the bedroom with a boost to everyday libido. Packed with iron and vitamin C, Maca can help naturally boost the immune system for daily wellness. Unique alkaloids known to be found in Maca, called Macainas, also help support healthy body functions. As a powerful adaptogen Maca can also help with stress, mood, PMS and menopausal symptoms.

Why Choose Nature’s Way Maca?

Nature’s Way Maca is 100% organic, ensuring you get the nutrition you expect from a superfood without pesticide residue or other chemicals. Our Maca is 100% clean, 100% organic, 100% Maca.


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