Max’s NAGG


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N-Acetyl L-Glutamine / L-Glutamine Complex

Size: 500g

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• Pure N-Acetyl L-Glutamine

• Pure L-Glutamine

• No fillers, sweeteners or flavours

• Highest Potency

• Fast and Sustained Release

Hard training really stresses your system, which in turn has a major affect on your Glutamine metabolism. Glutamine provides fuel for your immune system, digestive system, and most importantly it is an essential fuel for your brain. When under stress, these body systems work overtime, which can quickly deplete Glutamine stores. Simply put, the more stressed you are or the harder you train, the more Glutamine you need.

Your body can cope with this because it has a large store of Glutamine sitting in your muscles. When you train hard and your circulating Glutamine levels drop, your body responds by starting to catabolise or break down muscle tissue to release Glutamine. It particularly catabolises the muscles you have trained to supply Glutamine to the rest of your body – which is definitely what you don’t want!

But you can stop this catabolic process by supplementing with Glutamine. Doing this effectively tells your metabolism that you don’t need to keep breaking down muscle fibre to release Glutamine because you already have plenty in your system. The most effective time to take Glutamine is before, during and especially after hard training. It all sounds pretty simple…. but there’s a catch.

While free form Glutamine is quite stable in powdered form, as soon as it is exposed to moisture it begins to degrade, so taking a decent dose of pure free form L- Glutamine is not that effective as up to 40% will have broken down and will not be usable. However combining fast acting free form L-Glutamine with the more stable N-Acetyl L-Glutamine form of this important amino acid produces a much more effective and sustained acting Glutamine supplement.

MAX’S NAGG is a 65:35 Blend of free form L-Glutamine and N-Acetyl L-Glutamine to give you the optimum Glutamine formula. It contains no sweeteners, fillers or flavours, just pure Glutamine hybrids.

Take MAX’S NAGG immediately after training to stop catabolic breakdown of muscle fibre and increase tissue healing and growth. You can add it to your protein shakes or just take it straight, with a glass of water. MAX’S NAGG will provide faster recovery and less muscle soreness and promote exceptional levels of new muscle growth. MAX’S NAGG can also be taken before workouts to protect training muscles from going catabolic and is a must for all serious trainers.


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