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Muscle Nation Casein Custard

Body Beyond Belief Penrith

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Muscle Nation Casein Custard
Introducing the NEW Muscle Nation Casein Custard satisfying all those late night cravings!
    • 27g of Protein - Slow sustained digestion

    • Added MCT oil to promote weight loss and energy

    • Glutamine for Immune support

    • Gluten Free

    • Non GMO

The lastest edition to Muscle Nations Supplement range, the amazingly delicious casein custard. This is an easily digestible custard to ease your sweet tooth in the best way possible \n \nWith no added flllers, gums or creamers, this product will be something your body is thanking you for taking. With added glutamine for intestinal and immune support along with MCT oil for cognitive, weight loss and energy benefits!
The Muscle Nation Casein Custard is the product you didn't think you need, but once you have it, something you won't want to live without.

Inventory Last Updated: Jan 16, 2021

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