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Muscle Meds Carivore Mass

Body Beyond Belief

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Muscle Meds Carivore Mass

WHAT IS CARNIVOR MASS Carnivor Mass is fueled by 50g of beef protein isolate and over 700 calories, without any of the common allergens in other gainers including lactose, sugar, dairy, gluten. Plus Carnivor Mass is cholesterol free and low in fat. WHAT DOES CARNIVOR MASS DO? This highly anabolic beef protein is also hydrolyzed for rapid absorption, to support rapid muscle growth and recovery from your strenuous workouts. Beef up now with Carnivor Mass – The Ultimate Weight Gainer! WHAT MAKES CARNIVOR MASS BETTER THAN OTHER PROTEINS? Customers who rely on traditional dairy protein based mass gainers often have suffered stomach distress due to the high contents of lactose, sugar, dairy, and even gluten, have switched over to Carnivor Mass, which is free of all these common food allergens.

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