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Ultimate Nutrition Iso Mass Gainer

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Ultimate Nutrition Iso Mass Gainer

No longer is it necessary to buy all your supplements separately. Ultimate Nutrition® is pleased to introduce to “hard gainers” everywhere our IsoMass Xtreme Gainer®. With a carbohydrate to protein ratio of 16:13, IsoMass Xtreme Gainer® is designed to help you gain serious muscle mass without the added fat deposits. IsoMass Xtreme Gainer® is the future of weight gainers.
\nA protein blend, consisting of multiple sources of protein, is superior to any single-protein source, including whey, for sustained time-release nutritional support. With a more complete source of protein, you’ll enjoy faster lean muscle gains and quicker recovery after workouts. Time-release means continuous protein nourishment for your muscles throughout the day and also before bedtime when your body works its hardest to recover.

Life is too short to live without the Ultimate Nutrition Iso Mass Gainer. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

Inventory Last Updated: Mar 05, 2021

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